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Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo Logo co-located with SLS Expo

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Expo
20 - 22 MAY 2025 | 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center

The SEA Summit

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo Hero

The SEA Summit

The Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Summit is a major influential platform attended by those responsible for evolving Saudi Arabia into a global powerhouse of entertainment. With billions of dollars of planned investment pipelines  creating futuristic and sustainable cities, the Kingdom is advancing quickly on its journey as a global tourism destination.

So, how can you compete with the ever-expanding landscape of new attractions?

Each year the SEA Summit shares the insights, experiences and tactics of the region’s most successful stakeholders. Find out where they foresee the biggest potential business opportunities unfolding in 2024 and beyond.





  • Hear state of the market analysis on consumer behavior and navigate the future trends that will help you to thrive in this competitive industry landscape.

  • Listen to insights and candid debates from major industry players including venue owners & operators and discover how the big winners, win big and overcome challenges.

  • Watch case studies of new regional giga-projects on the horizon, offering a sneak peek into their development scenarios and commercial opportunities.

  • Get access to the latest technologies and innovations needed to improve your operational agility, digital transformation, service excellence and more.





  • The EXPO truly demonstrated all kinds of Entertainment & Amusement products, tools /equipment as well as suppliers/manufacturers.
    Abdu Ahmed
    Manager - Sumitomo Corporation
  • Amazing, vibrant event, top class speakers, a buzzing show floor.
    Charles Read
    Managing Director, Blooloop
  • Great show and good opportunities.
    Peden Bhutia
    Director BizDev, Thinkwell Group
  • I was impressed by the congregation of the brightest minds from across the globe as well as the keen interest from the Saudi Arabian audience. SEA Expo was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and above all, the shared love for an industry that brings joy and amusement to millions worldwide.
    Daniel Weigl
    Sales Asia, Weigl Control
  • Was amazed by the lineup and variety of quality exhibitors and especially the wealth of information gained during attending the opening conference. Got an overview of detailed insight for what the future holds in Saudi Entertainment in coming years. I must say it seems extremely bright and I know for sure Saudi Arabia is the country and the key destination to set up our new production and media house.
    Mohammad Assad Khan
    CEO, Cinema Specialist
  • Attending SEA Expo gave me a glimpse into the future of technology and a fair chance to meet experts from their respected fields.
    SEA Expo
  • Came to SEA Expo to check specific companies we want to explore working with them. We got valuable information and recommendations from the suppliers, which they would help to create a space with less effort.
    SEA Expo
  • Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the conference program. I got home loaded with new insights about Saudi and many new business contacts.
    SEA Expo
  • I enjoyed the exhibition and summit and would recommend government authorities, professionals and business owners to attend.
    SEA Expo
  • I really enjoyed visiting this event and will continue doing that! It opens your eyes to a new era of technology that enhances the entertainment industry!
    SEA Expo
  • It's full of things you wouldn't expect, total eye candy and a breathe of fresh air.
    SEA Expo


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