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A ‘new’ Sparky’s Generation

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A ‘new’ Sparky’s Generation

A ‘new’ Sparky’s Generation


In April of this year Al Hokair Group re-opened its Jizan Sparky’s FEC utilizing a fresh blueprint….one that is gradually being introduced to many of its Sparky’s locations.

The idea is to upgrade the brand, rethinking its content and widening its appeal to more members of the typical Saudi family group.

At the root of the redesign is light…says a company document on the updating of the Sparky’s concept: “As fun lovers, we dream of reinventing family amusement destinations. Our passion for technology and real dreams keeps us inspired. The Sparky's brand is our expression and purpose in the form of a family entertainment experience. One of our main goals is to continuously innovate in the area of entertainment and strive to become an internationally recognised industry leader in the field. Paramount is to provide a world-class experience for our guests. We have developed our flagship Sparky’s entertainment brand and take it to next level with creative new entertainment.”

Sparky's Concept

This has meant a reprogramming, introducing modern interior design and state-of-the-art games and attractions through adding concepts such as laser tag and VR zones. “With this, we have brought in a new generation of Sparky’s, a futuristic fun destination combining a colourful, modern design with an exclusive fit-out for all ages. The entertainment complex has rides, attractions trendy cafes and food kiosks for the whole family.”


A wide selection of indoor rides, simulators, skill games, novelty games and attractions are worked into the plan, providing more than just an average gaming experience, but brings in a wide variety of arcade classics and new high-definition releases to broaden the location’s appeal.




Sparky’s Bowling is now a feature; a unique entertainment space that includes not just bowling, but video games, billiards and live events.

Guests can book space for birthdays or company parties, even the entire location or just one table. A classic menu in the adjoining café supplements the offer.

Sparky’s Lasertag is another new feature, offering guests a safe and modern combat team game suitable for both children and adults. An ultra-modern interior layout will provide a backdrop to thrills and overall will present a physical and mental challenge for all ages. Clean, safe, and offering no impacts to the environment, it will still provide serious fun for everyone.

Sparky's bowling


Sparky's Snowy Forest
Sparky's Snowy Forest


Snowy Forest is a feature of Sparky’s that has been there for years, but the concept has now been reworked to offer even more to the tiniest visitors. A cluster of cubes surmounts the attraction, providing a digital themed enclosure for activities such as climbing walls, slides and a trampoline. Each cube has its own identity for its content and environment and is safe, padded and the venue is only populated by children of similar age and height.


There is a snowy zone that is a secure, sensory venue, encouraging children to feel at ease and at the same time encouraging them to move and interact with others. The skills provided are then transferred to the outside world as the children gain confidence.

Upgrades at Sparky’s locations have now been completed at several key locations, including the flagship Panorama Mall in Riyadh and the installation at Jizan, at the Al Rashed Mall continues the programme that will be extended more of the portfolio.

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