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Saudi Entertainment & Amusement (SEA) Expo
20 - 22 MAY 2025 | 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center

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02 May 2024

New Development Quadra Tower

Ankam Play Systems Pvt Ltd Stand: 2B239

Quadra tower is the main work-horse of the Quadra water slide system. Quadra Tower is patented and never-before-anticipated system. It is a tower system comprising just structural steel. It is a system that takes the stress and hassle out of the rider’s veins, and pumps in just fun, comfort, and thrill. No more carrying your raft, walking or climbing stairs; just sit, relax, and enjoy your pre-ride experience to the top of the tower. Also, you get to sit and comfortable select your ultimate adventures mid-journey on your ride to the top of the tower. How cool is that! But, how does it do all of that? It uses modern technologies like advanced control systems, actuators and sensors, conveyor systems and mechanisms, etc. to get it up and running, and achieve that. That means, the number of operational staff required is drastically reduced. And lastly and most importantly, it introduces a futuristic, sci-fi visual appeal and grandeur to amusement and water parks.  


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